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Year round, Sundays (11-3pm), we are at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market’s new location on E. Denny Way between Broadway and 10th Ave E.

Saturdays in the spring from (9-2 pm) we are at the Edmonds Summer Market that runs to October.

We are also at the Woodinville Farmers Market on Saturdays starting in May that runs to October from (10-2 pm). 

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Honey Varietals

Fireweed honey tastes like apricots, vanilla and butter. This is our 1st place award winner. A great gift. This is our most popular honey.

Our Blackberry honey has a rich taste and finishes with a distinctive tangy flavor. Another award winner and is nearly equal to our fireweed honey in popularity.

Blueberry honey finishes tasting most like the berry it is named for. We think it has more pollen than the others.

Raspberry honey is slightly tangy in flavor. Raspberry honey naturally crystallizes resembling creamed honey as the crystals are very small and the honey remains soft and spreadable.

Wildflower honey means that the beekeeper does not know the nectar source or sources. Our Wildflower honey tastes very sweet up front with a faint tangy finish.

bee collecting nectarBuckwheat honey is like no other honey that we sell. It is thick and strong in flavor and smell, (smells like a barnyard). It tastes like coffee, chocolate and molasses. Great to bake with, put it in your coffee, or just spread it on toast if you dare. It is an acquired taste. Not recommended as a gift or something to put in tea.

Knotweed honey (limited availability)

Maple honey (limited availability)

About Us

Golden Girls Honey and Hives LLC is a small family run business in Woodinville, Washington. It started as a fascinating hobby and has now become a fascinating  and challenging business. We keep bees and sell honey and other hive products. We are members of the Northwest District Beekeepers Association located in Snohomish Washington. Our apiary is about 50 hives. We have started to produce our own queens and make our own nuc boxes as well as other hive related wood ware.

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Golden Girls Honey and Hives LLC

Located @ 21826 55 th Ave. SE Woodinville, WA.

We offer free honey bee swarm removal service.
Don Wardlow 206 660-7353
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