We got started with beekeeping in June of 2013 when a swarm flew into our backyard and landed in an apple tree. My wife Carol said, “Let’s catch them!”. I thought she was crazy and told her, “No”. Carol ignored me and drove up to Snohomish to the Beez Kneez and they loaded her up with equipment and instructions on how to catch the swarm. We caught them that day and the adventure began from there. Prior to 2013 all I knew about bees was that there is a queen, they buzz, they made honey and they sting. We took a beekeeping class and a test to be certified as Apprentice Master Beekeepers. It continues to be a learning experience to this day.

When the hives started producing honey in the second year I was very surprised at how different the honey varieties tasted. I think I thought that honey was all the same. You know, clover honey in the squeeze bear. The raw honey that our bees produce is without question of the highest quality. Recently I watched a series on Netflix entitled “Rotten”. The first episode is about the honey industry. The story told is that most of the honey that we consume in this country comes from China. Honey production world wide is going down because of the problems keeping bees alive yet honey consumption is going up. Those two facts conflict each other unless you accept that much of the honey being imported is cut with rice syrup. So how do you know that your honey is real unless you know the beekeeper?

The name of the company was chosen by my wife, Carol. I assumed the the golden girls that she named the company after were her and her sister who also has blond hair. Anyway, one day Carol explained that the name came to her while she was sitting near her garden having coffee watching the foraging bees taking flight in the morning sun. She said that all the foragers are females (girls) and that they look like golden streaks in the sun. Hence the name.

I’ve been retired from teaching since June of 2017. Although beekeeping takes a lot of physical work to do it doesn’t seem like work if you’re having fun. I’m having fun. There are challenges to beekeeping that make it personally rewarding to over come. It combines a list of skills: people skills, construction skills, farming skills, production techniques, animal husbandry, marketing, sales and distribution skills. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like I’m retired. However, I will also say that I really look forward to seeing our customers at the farmers markets. Everyone is in a good mood so it is enjoyable for all.

We look forward to bringing you this years crop, whatever Mother Nature gives us.