Bothell Blackberry Honey

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Our Blackberry honey has a rich taste and finishes with a distinctive tangy flavor. Another award winner and is equal to our fireweed honey in popularity.

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Blackberry is the number one nectar source for bees in our area. It is very smooth in texture, delightfully sweet and mild tasting with a spicy finish. Fruity and floral at the same time, it is what we remember from our childhood as being the taste of honey. Often used drizzled over yogurt or my favorite on toast.

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13 oz. hex jars

1 review for Bothell Blackberry Honey

  1. Blaise

    Delicious! It’s a very light, liquify honey, and you can totally taste the blackberry in the honey. I used it for granola the first time I bought some, and it gave it such a tasty springtime flavor, and I’ve been using it in tea since. 10/10 excellent honey!

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