Pacific Northwest Fireweed Honey

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Fireweed honey tastes like apricots, vanilla and butter. This is our 1st place award winner. A great gift. This is our most popular honey.

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Fireweed honey is very light in color and comes from a summer blooming perennial that is the first plant to grow after a forest has been clear cut. Fireweed grows in the open woods and on the sides of roads. It reaches a height of three to five feet and has profuse fuchsia colored blooms. It is delightfully sweet and wonderful in dessert applications.

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13 oz. hex jars

4 reviews for Pacific Northwest Fireweed Honey

  1. Lena B

    My husband and I bought this honey at a farmers market, I personally don’t like honey but was surprised when I sampled this one and loved it. It’s such a mild yet delicious honey, everyone needs to try it!

  2. Beth T (verified owner)

    I bought this honey as a gift for my boyfriend last Christmas, after we saw something like it featured on a cooking show (think outdoor foraging, apiaries, etc.). And wow. Hands-down, this is the best honey I’ve ever had. Mild, sweet, nuanced (and somehow it all works together). This honey goes well with tea and is FABULOUS on challah/bread of any kind. Can’t recommend enough! I can’t wait to buy more so I can start gifting them to other people this year.

  3. Omar

    I still have my jar from when I purchased it over a year ago at the Woodinville farmer’s market. I’ve been rationing it, but time to order more. Very unique floral taste, some of the best I’ve ever had, and I’m a honey aficionado.

  4. Leslye

    I purchased this honey at the Woodville farmers market two years ago while visiting Washington for the first time. I’m a Floridian we know honey, orange blossom honey is one of the most popular flavors of honey in the entire world. And I’m going to tell you that I prefer this one. I would literally get on a plane, go back to that farmer’s market buy a suitcase full of this stuff, or at least the 70 pounds they allow for a checked bag and bring it home. I just finished the large size bottle that I purchased while I was there and I may be on a plane next week to replace it. I almost didn’t want to leave this review because I really don’t want people to buy it out.

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